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"Small press gems shine among the latest new books: Under Her Skin, Stephen Law, Roseway Publishing"

- Sarah Murdoch, Toronto Star (October 13, 2017)

"Kennetcook garlic farmer releases second novel."

- Heather Laura Clark, Chronicle Herald, (November 24, 2017)

"Stephen Law’s writing rings with compassion and curiosity—for his characters and about the human condition. His richly-peopled Halifax is infused with detail that brings this story to life."

— Stephanie Domet, author of Fallsy Downsies

"A story of emotional challenges, family conflicts and fateful decisions that can happen in any community. Each character so vivid, I found myself wanting to be a part of their lives, helping them with their decisions or the challenges they were facing, journeying with them on their emotional roller coaster, wondering what would happen next. A must read!"

— Barb Hamilton-Hinch, Dalhousie University

"This is an engrossing story with a time signature all its own. With lovely lyricism, Stephen Law bravely imagines his way under the skin and into the heart of Shaz, a young tattoo artist struggling to reconcile old betrayals with new crimes, the demands of loyalty to her family with the terror of new love. A compassionate and thoughtful novel, it is shot-through with moments of breathtaking writing, as when Shaz witnesses a casual act of bigotry and wonders, 'Was it living next to the sea that preserved old ideas?'"

— Semi Chellas, writer on The Romanoffs, Mad Men and The Eleventh Hour

What Readers are Saying: 

Wow Shaz. I loved your new book. All of it: the writing, the setting, the relationships. You have mastered it. Bravo. Yvette Michaud, Halifax, NS

Just read your book....almost in one sitting (with a sleep in between!). Was great.. Rhiannon Pyburn, Netherlands

A fine read!!! Fantastic book, Steve!!  Really enjoyed it and life feels a bit... off, post-Shaz. Arleigh Hood, Halifax, NS

I just finished your book. I read it in less than 24 hours: couldn't put it is fine literature, very powerful and moving, and personal. Awesome job. - Garry Leech, Sydney, NS

It was a great adventure to read it. Ingeberte Uitslag, Utrectht, 

While reading this book I was back in Halifax. I felt the city's beauty, roughness, salt air and historic scars through Shaz eyes and her own life.I truly enjoyed it. - Lorena Costa, Ottawa, ON

A joy to read and a sensitive portrayal of the complexities of multiculturalism, moving past tolerance and into acceptance and care and compassion and understanding and love. And these things all the more complicated by our own personal stories, histories, weird families and the disappointments we've endured at the hands of people we love. The story itself was a tension-filled page turner, the writing always evoking mystery. - Chris Benjamin, Halifax, NS

I found it really powerful; subtle and impactful. I really enjoyed Shaz's voice and style, and I loved how you had both internal and external impacts/manifestation of trauma and resilience. So excellent! I like the book so much that I want everyone to read it. Jen Graham, Halifax, NS

I really enjoyed Under her skin. And even more curious about Nova Scotia. Keep up your writing. You're good at that too ;-)! - Sophia Kasa, Gothenburg, Sweden


This book is an easy read, but it will let you feel a lot of emotions. I loved the artsy descriptions of everything, how Shaz could see tattoo designs in the little things of life. I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway in exchange for a honest review. Melissa, Goodreads

Let me know what you think. I"d love to hear your thoughts and comments

If you would like to review a copy of this book, please contact the publisher:

​Roseway Publishing

t - 902-857-1388


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