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2014 Atlantic Book Awards - Shortlist Margaret and John Savage First Book Award

Charlottetown Guardian:

"One of the best novels of 2013... works on several levels... a coherent, almost prismatic story."  E.E. Cran

 Photo credit: Katy Mahon​

What Readers are saying:

Halifax Media Coop:

"You'll miss appointments for this book. The house will go dirty(er). The dogs will howl for dinner. It's that good." Miles Howe

Atlantic Books Today Spring 2013 No. 72 

...a first-rate thriller.. impossible to write this book off as merely a good read..." Kate Watson"

"...a page-turning thriller, complete with unsavoury villains and life-and-death chases through the jungle...a novel with literary ambitions that makes creative use of newspaper clippings, stock exchange data and other non-narrative text to comment on the importance of story itself." Yutaka Dirks

The Chronicle Herald

"It’s often said that people should write about what they know. And what Stephen Law knows is the issue of foreign corporations..." " Ian Fairclough

Winnipeg Free Press

"... entirely believable intersecting of purposes is helped by a crisp writing style... engaging story about corporate heavies adept at thwarting the good intentions of environmental and human-rights activists.." Joseph Hniatiuk


Telegraph Journal

"Law understands what makes for strong political writing... is able to channel this powerful storytelling..." Mike Landry



"A beautifully written and engaging story -- couldn't put it down. Thoroughly enjoyed the many quirky, yet believable, characters and a plot that kept me guessing. A terrific mix of poetic writing and storytelling that gets under your skin." Allison Yauk, Victoria, BC

"I really enjoyed your book - great story and carried me along completely." Charlotte Mendel, Enfield, NS.​

"I just finished Tailings yesterday, and I thought it was amazing. Not only was it really well written and engaging, but it brought out so many of the complexities with doing solidarity work… thinking about each layer of dirt being so carefully removed, unearthing the past, with these complex emotions of both wanting to find the remains of loved ones with the horrific understanding of what that means...." Valerie Croft, Toronto, ON

"I really recommend this book! - Don't be surprised if Tailings of Warren Peace is the book you too will be pressuring all your friends to read...This is a book with a moral, but it never becomes didactic, instead moving smoothly into the complexity of corporate, military and historical forces which shape all of us - and offers a vision of how we can make a difference. A great, inspiring read! You won't be able to put it down!" - Wilf Bean, Tatamagouche, NS

“Tailings of Warren Peace is a gripping tale that eerily reflects a disturbing reality in global politics. It takes the reader on a scintillating and mysterious journey that twists and turns from Canada to Guatemala, war to peace, and loss to love. This book is a celebration of the human spirit. “ — Garry Leech, author of Beyond Bogota


"Tailings of Warren Peace manages to wind disparate threads into a ripping yarn, wound around personal stories …  While the characters and the situations may be fictional, they bring to light truths too often kept hidden, telling of the depth of disruption and corruption engendered by mining companies' insatiable need to profit from the Earth's riches and the workers who extract them … A great read.”​ -  Jamie Kneen, MiningWatch Canada​

If you would like to review a copy of this book, please contact the publisher:

​Roseway Publishing

t - 902-857-1388


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